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Posted on March 22, 2015 at 12:10 AM

Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures Gift Certificates

     Give your spouse, siblings, children and friends the gift of an adventure they'll remember the rest of their lives!

     Give your loved ones an adventure they'll remember forever!  Most of our trips range from $30 per person for a day to $250 per person for a 3-day weekend.  Our average trip is $150 per person for a weekend trip.  Most of our trips do not include food, lodging or transportation.  For more information on how to buy a Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures Gift Certificate, e-mail [email protected] or call me at 610-209-0758.  Gift certificates do not have an expiration date, so if they aren't used up in 2020, they can be used at a later date.  We have an adventure somewhere almost every weekend from April through November.  COME PLAY IN THE MUD WITH US!  "It's Always an Adventure!"

Adults Only Paleontology Camp at Stratford Hall Plantation in VA

Sunday afternoon, August 2nd through Friday morning, August 7th, 2020

Gorgeous megalodon tooth collected during our Winter Stratford Hall Fossil Collecting Weekend last year.

     Join us for 5 evenings of fabulous talks by paleontologists and 4 days of fossil collecting adventures at our Adults Only Paleo Camp.

     You'll arrive Sunday afternoon, August 2nd, and settle in your room at the Cheek or Astor Guest House on Stratford Hall Plantation.  Stratford Hall is the birthplace of General Robert E. Lee, home of 2 signers of the Declaration of Independence, a world-class fossil site along the Potomac River, and a gorgeous plantation.

     We'll have a delicious dinner in the Stratford Hall Dining Hall, then go to our living room for a fabulous paleontology talk by a paleontologist.  We'll hang out for a few hours, then retire.

     Monday morning we'll have a scrumptious hot breakfast in the Dining Hall, then grab our gear and head for the beach to collect fossils.  Stratford Hall cliffs are Miocene Age, Calvert, Choptank and St. Mary's Formations (6-14 million years old).  You will mainly find shark teeth (including possibly mako and megalodon teeth, whale bones and teeth, crocodile bones and teeth, beautiful fossil shells (including chesapectens and ecphora), and crab concretions.  There is also a layer of Pleistocene, Bacon's Castle Formation, which sometimes yields Pleistocene mammal footprints.  

     There is a small roped-in area on Stratford Hall Beach which is open to the public.  However, we have special permission from the President of Stratford Hall to take groups over a mile or more past the roped in area.

     We will be given box lunches from the Dining Hall for lunches.  We'll have dinner Monday again in the Dining Hall, and another great paleontology talk by another paleontologist.

     Tuesday (winds permitting) we'll ride in our motorboats to Namini Bay, and collect fossils along some low cliffs.  We often find whale bones and fossil shells in these cliffs, including ecphora, isignomen and chesapectens.  The age of these cliffs is also Miocene Age, and sometimes we will also find shark teeth along the cliffs, including mako and megalodon.

     After dinner, we'll have another amazing presentation by another paleontologist.

     Wednesday, winds permitting, we'll drive to Fairview Beach, put the boats in there, and collect fossils along several beaches both on the Maryland and Virginia sides of the Potomac River.  The ages where we will be collecting fossils are Eocene and Paleocene Ages.  We will mainly find small shark teeth, possibly some larger otodus teeth, crocodile teeth, and fossil shells - including turitella and frilly oysters.

     Wednesday night we'll have another great presentation by another paleontologist.

     Thursday morning after breakfast we'll be given a tour of the Great House (where General Robert E. Lee was born).  After the tour, we'll head for the beach at Stratford Hall and collect fossils the rest of the day.

     Thursday night after dinner we'll have our last wonderful presentation by another paleontologist.  Our Camp will be over on Friday morning after breakfast.

Cost:  $1,300 per room for single occupancy or $1,800 per room for double occupancy.  These costs include everything - 5 nights, 5 dinners, 4 boxed lunches, 5 hot breakfasts, 5 fabulous persentations with paleontologists, 4 days of fossil collecting adventures, the boat rides, Stratford Hall's Grounds Fees, and the Tour of the Great House.

     You may pay in installments.  To register, the downpayment is $200 for single occupancy or $400 for double occupancy.

Installments:  Single occupancy - $375 due 2/1/20

                                                          $375 due 4/1/20

                                                          $350 due 6/1/20

                       Double occupancy - $475 due 2/1/20

                                                          $475 due 4/1/20

                                                          $450 due 6/1/20