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                   Upper Potomac River
   and Stratford Hall Fossil Collecting Weekend
         Saturday, August 23rd and Sunday, August 24th, 2014

     Dr. Lauck Ward, Curator Emeritus at the Virginia Museum of Natural
History and leading authority of molluscan biostratigraphy of the Atlantic
Coastal Plain will lead us on this fabulous weekend full of adventures in Virginia
and Maryland.

     Saturday we’ll ride in boats on the Potomac River, starting at Fairview
Beach, Virginia, stopping at many places along the banks collecting fossils.  
After collecting on the Virginia side, we’ll cross the Potomac River to the
Maryland side (winds permitting), stopping along many beaches, collecting more
fossils, ending up past Purse State Park and crossing back to the Virginia side.  
We will be collecting in the Paleocene Age, Aquia Formation in the Piscataway
and Paspotanza Members.  We should find lots of small fossil shark teeth
(possibly a larger Otodis obliquus), hopefully some crocodile teeth, and lots of
fossil shells, including Turitella and frilly oysters.  Hopefully we’ll find a few
large frilly oysters with both valves still attached.  We’ll find literally tons of
Turitella shells, and some huge slabs of rock covered with Turitella.

     Sunday we’ll collect fossils on Stratford Hall beach until 2 PM.  The
beach is closed to the public (except for a small roped-in area).  Our leader,
Dr. Ward, has special permission to take groups up and down the beach, far
past the ropes.  This site is Upper Miocene Age (6 – 10 million years old).
Shark teeth, whale bones and turtle shell are mainly found here.  Occasionally
even a Megalodon tooth is found.  Crab nodules can sometimes be found here.  
Fossil shells are also found, including Chesapectens and Ecphora.  Sometimes
you can find Chesapectens with both valves attached, and complete or almost
complete Ecphora.

We recommend this trip for adults and children ages 10 and up.

$150 per person.  Cost does not include transportation to the meeting
sites, food or lodging.  It also does not include the Stratford Hall Grounds
Fee.  It does include the boat rides.

TRIP, E-MAIL ME AT or call me at 610-209-

     Fall Stratford Hall Fossil Collecting Weekend
     Saturday, September 6th and Sunday, September 7th, 2014

  Dr. Lauck Ward, Curator Emeritus of Invertebrate Paleontology at the
Virginia Museum of Natural History will lead us on a fossil collecting adventure
at Stratford Hall Plantation on the Northern Neck of Virginia.  

  Stratford Hall Plantation is General Robert E. Lee's birthplace, home of 2
signers of the Declaration of Independence, and a world-class fossil collecting
site along the Potomac River.  The beach is closed to the public, except for a
small roped-in area, but Dr. Ward has special permission by the Executive
Director of Stratford Hall to take groups past the ropes, up and down the
beach.  As long as the Potomac and winds cooperate, we'll have motorboats
with us to take people to hard to get to areas at no extra charge.  This site
is Upper Miocene Age (6 - 14 million years old).  The fossils found here are
from the Calvert, Choptank, St. Mary's and Eastover Formations.  Shark
teeth, whale bones and teeth, crocodile teeth and turtle shells are mainly
found here.  Some complete whale, porpoise and crocodile skeletons have been
collected here.  Occasionally, even a Megalodon shark tooth is found (a
Megalodon is an extinct giant shark - the huge monster whose teeth can reach
5 or 6 inches long).  There are also some beautiful fossil shells found here,
including Chesapectens and Ecphora.  Some of the Chesapectens have both
valves, and some of the Ecphora are complete or almost complete.  We
sometimes even find crab concretions here.

  This is the site where the whale skull was found last year and taken out of
the cliff by paleontologists from the Calvert Marine Museum.

   Saturday we'll collect fossils until 3:30 PM.  Sunday, we'll go back to
Stratford Hall and collect fossils until 2 PM.

This trip is great for adults and for children ages 5 and up!

 $90 per adult and $40 per child under 18.  Cost does not include
transportation, food, lodging or Stratford Hall Grounds Fees of $10 per adult
per day and $6 per child per day.  I will collect the Stratford Hall Grounds
Fees in cash each morning when we meet.


       New Jersey Shorebird Migration Birding Trip
                        Sunday, September 7th, 2014

 Sandpipers, plovers, herons, egrets, terns, gulls, ducks, sparrows,

   Join us for our shorebird migration trip at one of the best birding spots in
New Jersey!  There's always a chance for a fall rarity or unusual sighting
during this trip, which gives you an opportunity to learn some East Coast birds,
observe the finer points of shorebird identification or add to your bird life list.

    Near Atlantic City, the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, Brigantine
Division (known simply as Brigantine or the Brig) contains thousands of acres of
coastal salt marsh, islands, bays, upland fields and woodlands.  We will take
the 8 mile auto tour around 2 large fresh-to-brackish water impoundments and
walk the short trail behind the visitor center and restrooms.  If we have
time, we will also drive north of Brigantine, near the Tuckerton Seaport
Museum, to tour Great Bay Boulevard (also known as 7 Bridges Road) for
additional shorebird and passerine opportunities.  At the close of our day, we
will gather to eat, and share birding lists, pictures, and stories in good birding

    Our leader, Karenne Snow, has been birding since she was 6 years old -
her first bird was a Laysan Albatross.  She was a casual birder until she
moved to New Jersey and discovered it was one of the best places in the
country for bird-watching.  She has led birding trips for The Academy of
Natural Sciences, taught Beginning Bird-Watching classes at adult schools, and
participated in the Breeding Bird Atlas of New Jersey, World Series of Birding
teams, Christmas Bird Counts and a Breeding Bird Survey.

This trip is great for adults and for children ages 5 and up.  

$25 per adult and $15 per child under age 18.  Cost does not include
transportation or the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge fee.



        and FOSSIL PROGRAMS!  

Now your group can go fossil collecting together as a group.  This is
great for a scout troop, homeschoolers group, school group, etc.  We
can also do birthday party fossil trips and fossil trips just for your
family or friends. For more information, please e-mail or call 610-209-0758.

I am also giving fossil programs for groups.  I talk about  different
creatures and the time periods that they lived, while passing 25 - 50
real fossils for you to see up close and touch.  I also bring a large
container of sand full of fossils.  The children use a fossil screen and
trowel, and sift their own fossils to take home with them.  

Find out about our trips even before they are put on
the website.  Just e-mail ,
and we'll be happy to put you on our e-Newsletter list.
We send e-Newsletters about every 2 weeks, informing
you about our newest upcoming trips.
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Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures, LLC
Megalodon shark tooth she found on our
Virginia Fossil Collecting Weekend in May.
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Beautiful Otodis tooth found on our Upper
Potomac River Trip last year.
Beautiful Megalodon and Mako found by
one of our people on our Spring Stratford
Hall Fossil Weekend.
Extremely Rare Giant Thresher tooth,
Alopias species, found on our Spring
Stratford Hall Fossil Weekend.
Nice Makos found by one lucky young man
on our Spring Stratford Hall Fossil
Collecting Weekend